Why Faith?

Why does God require faith? It is a good question.

Faith is the ability of the heart to receive.

For example; when someone says they love you, your ability to receive that, and the depths it will reach inside of you depends on your faith. Faith: in yourself, in your experiences of them as individuals and your experiences in life.

The bible describes faith as the evidence of that which is unseen. That unseen evidence exists inside of us, we are guided by faith every day. Every time we leave the realm of our experiences we rely on faith. We open our hearts to one new thing and close it to another biased on that evidence within.

How can you believe in a God if you don’t have faith one exists?

How can you seek after a God without the expectation of receiving good?

These are the two preconditions for coming to the Almighty God which He has set down in His word the bible. These are simply truths about the nature of humanity and the capacity of the human heart to receive. Truths about how God created you.

But what if you don’t have faith?

Whats Next? How can you go from no faith to faith?