Repairer of Broken Walls

When the walls protecting your city has holes in them, you cant expect to be secure. If you just do not know where the holes are because you never bothered to check for any, you really cant rest secure in your thinking you are safe and secure. I know we do not have walls around our cities these days to keep us safe. Today you might say did you did not check if the garage door is closed or if you have a big hole in your house where your front door used to be, it would be hard to sleep securely at night. Our walls are what secure us in what we know to be true. We can inspect those truths and look for what is false among in the reality of how we live our lives or we can wait until all of our wall of what we hold true fails us and crumbles to the ground. Gods word teaches us that we can have assurances and be secure in our place. But that security is dependent on us living in the truth of who we really are inside contrasted with the truth of God. The goal is to set about the task of examining our walls, our truths brick by brick stone by stone. taking apart what we hold to as true and testing each aspect against the reality of how we live our lives. To let how we live inform us of what we actually believe is true with the ultimate goals to become strong on the inside, secure and assured in the reality God in us. Register to join us on the upcoming blog discussion on this issue.