Rebuilding the Ancient Ruins

Ancient ruins are things that have long been abandoned, the reality of the life and value they once possessed long forgotten. We know of their existence because they left something behind for us to see and wonder about.

We see the ruins of the early church in the accounts of scripture. They stand as a reminder to us as Christians of something that was full of life, value and part of who and what we where meant to be. Abandoned, diminished and re-purposed so long ago the reality of the reasons for it and the value in it has been forgotten.

Lets look at what was and is no more. Lets compare and see what no longer exists.

Lets look at Its value and the impact of its loss.

Lets look at how it became lost to us. Did it fail? Was it never intended to last? Was it defeated or supplanted or joined to something else and corrupted?

Then lets consider the little steps each of us can take in becoming Re-builders of the ancient ruins of the New Testament Church.