Pastoring Shepherd style.

What I see today looks like a Shepherd running around with a lawn mower all week cutting and piling up grass and chewing on it until it all nice a squishy like baby food. Then come Sunday morning he gets all of his trained sheep, to line up in rows, sit down and open their mouths while his takes his pre-chewed food, puts it in and says, swallow and say amen! Its no wonder he ends up with 40 year old baby Huey sheep and a life spent changing adult diapers.

I know seems silly. But lets consider what Shepard’s actually do. They take sheep to a place they haven’t eaten up all their food yet and they step back in silence and watch and listen for trouble (wolves, poison plants, sheep wandering off, biting one another, getting stuck in the bushes). While the sheep wander about feeding themselves and having a good old time becoming good at doing what they where meant to do.

You see Jesus introducing his 12 sheep to new places with his questions and statements, you see them chewing it over among themselves. You see them coming back with questions and statement of their own for validation. Moving away from Shepherding (AKA Pastoring) to preaching to the sheep has resulted in a weak Church, unprepared, ill equipped, immature and largely powerless by biblical standards.

I think it is largely because leaders have bought into the traditions of the day becoming oracles and high priests after the the style of the roman temples. Some just lack faith in the Spirit and fail to trust to Him with the control. While others are in fear of being unable to answer well the ideas that others might introduce. Perhaps you are really not all that great of a Pastor and are not the best one for the job? The truth is the greatest pastor is the one who becomes no longer necessary but simply loved for who they have been. To peruse anything else is to be working against the kingdom.

Today the focus is on the greatest among us (supposedly) the man up front. We are not focused on the least and we need to turn that around. Your life as a Shepherd could be one of joy and celebration, watching the Spirit of God work and your people grow strong and ready for the times to come. Ready for the labors God has set aside for them.

Restore the biblical style of teaching. Put away the lawnmower, stop thinking you are the one it all depends on and get out of Gods way.

From here to there, steps to take towards Shepherd style pastoring(pasturing).