What do you see in the new testament church that you no longer see in the church you know today?

I have long since looked at the biblical account of the Church of God. The things that they did, things that where part of their daily lives, the love for one another, the genuine struggle and fight to keep it pure and on the true path to God and Godliness. You see every day people experiencing God in everyday life. You see the people who had once been despised and outcast from society become part of a family, the family of God and begin to see their lives transformed.

They became a family marked by their love and their sacrifice for one another and by the power of the Spirit of God operating among them. But lets look at what specific things we can identify as, no longer part of what the church is today or no longer the same as it was back then.

What do you see as missing or changed behavior or practices of the church then and now? Lets identify everything we can and what little steps each of us can take in becoming re-builders of the ancient ruins of the new testament church.

Acts 2: 42 They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

I see a lot of teachers but not a lot of people devoting themselves to the teachings of apostles. That’s the pastors job right? Wrong! Even the style of teaching we do see is modeled after the roman style of religion, the style of their Gods. Something corrupted in style, that has an impact. Its no minor thing to adopt the style of the worship of false gods, but it has become so ingrained, that what once was has been totally left in ruins. How to identify what was and rebuild it? How can you rebuild the new testament church model of teaching?

I see some fellowship (friendly association) on Sundays when you are stuck in the same building together but how many of the people are true friends sharing the rest of their lives as you would with someone you where truly friends with? Imagine growing up in a family that did not bother to take their meals together, did not bother to share their day to day lives with each other how empty that would be. Church is the assembly of the family, and what makes someone family is the closeness and the care, and with that goes the prayer. How can you and i help move the church from a non profit organization that meets up on Sunday trying to look their best to a family where all your ugly comes out and still you have a place where you belong at the table? How can you rebuild the fellowship of the family of God’s children?