Out Forgiving God

Can you bless who God has not blessed?

Can you forgive who God has not forgiven?

Do you really need to forgive everyone everything for your own benefit?

There is a self centered false teaching out there that says just that. It is very destructive doctrine that has hurt a great many people.

It is easily addressed with a few simple questions:

Does God forgive everyone?
Should we forgive like God does?
Should we try to out forgive God?

The bible has all the examples for forgiveness:

If your brother repents.

If you brother repents yet again.

If repentance is from the heart and not just words.

If action in keeping with repentance follow it was genuine.

If they do not know what they are doing no repentance is required.

If not one of the above, you should retain the sins of others so heaven may retain them and come against them.

Proper responses when retaining the sins of others:

Are you confessing your own sins to one another?

Are you doing good to unrepentant sinners?

Are you praying for God to grant them repentance?

Are you going to confronting them in their sins privately?

Are you going to confronting them in their sins as a group?

Are you ready to break fellowship with the unrepentant?

Do you care enough about their souls to turn them over to Satan?

All the above is spiritual warfare for the purpose of making peace and restoration of the sinner with God. First in their own life, then it flows from there to: family, church, and society.

To forgive is to set free, to be at peace with, to welcome someone for their sake at your expense. Letting go of any debt they may owe you because of past wrongs.

It is never self serving, it is sacrificial.

If you don’t want to forgive and do not want repentance and change for them and are unwilling to even consider restoration even when their lives have truly changed. That is where the verse “forgive us our trespass as we have forgiven those who trespass against us” come into play.

If God forgives us when we repent we too must also forgive others when they repent. If Christ forgave us our sins in ignorance we too must do likewise. But the willful sinner, the one working for the enemy as his servant, seeking to destroy your life. Those who live in that state God would not forgive, so why would you?

This doctrine of false forgiveness has left Gods people unequipped to deal with the enemy.

If you are busy forgiving evil you are not fighting against it you are welcoming it.

welcoming it into you life, family, church and society.