We must shine!

So many reject the power of Godliness.

So many are told the lie of Satan that when you die you will finally cease from your sin.

The truth is, when we cease from our sin, only then do we begin to live the rest of our our lives for the Glory of God. Ceasing from sin is inseparable from believing in Christ Jesus. Because within our belief is our (completion, perfection, maturity) however you call it it is all the same thing.

We believe for the fullness of a Salvation that has yet to be realized. We believe for the fullness of Christ in us.

Christ in us is our only hope of Glory.

When we believe, He helps us with our unbelief. Let us call on the light of God to shine in our hearts and expose the motives of sin hiding in our shadows.

Why do we need fear, why trembling when working out your salvation.  Why does the bible speak “Woe” for those at ease in Zion?

How much of what you think is “Christ in You”  when tested will turn out to be wood and stubble for the fire?

How much of who you might have become will be lost?

How much Salvation will you loose?  That’s right you can suffer loss in regards to your salvation.

What will survive as you pass through the fires of God presence into heaven?

There is much work to be done, much to be gained and much to be lost in regards to your salvation.

Each of us is given work to do by God and that work is Christ in us.

When the morning star dawns in our hearts, when Christ is fully formed in us, we will shine.

Let us lay hold of that very thing that Christ laid hold of us for!

The Sperm of God

I bet most of you did not know that the when the bible talks about the “Holy Spirit” the actual words or term in the original language is the Sperm of God.

Why hide it? What confusion has resulted from doing so? Perhaps some might understand the Holy Spirit better. The essence of God, God’s DNA if you like, his nature alive with a life of its own. With the function of union and creating a new spiritual life and imparting all that God is. Perhaps that is why they hide it, because that truth is just too much to accept or consider with regards to others human beings.

But without being real about the sperm of God is is hard to understand who the Holy Spirit is and how the life of Gods Spirit unites himself to our spirit and becomes a new life. Its how we become Gods children, the spiritual represented in the physical.

God has made himself known through what was created. The bible only teaches us about God within that context. When we separate the word of God from the context of creation for whatever reason we get further away from reality and end up with hard to understand man made doctrines that leave people confused and separated from knowing in their hearts what is true.

The bibles teachings are more then sufficient! God is a father, who had a first born son conceived by the holy spirit. The same holy spirit making you pregnant with who God is. That is just part of life that everyone understands correctly. Why hide it?

Perhaps it is the whole communication thing. Human sperm has a life in itself and communicates via DNA and the things that affect its expression. But in the Spiritual the building blocks are life and its power expressed through words. Do they think it an insult, derogatory to associate the Holy Spirit with that very real and personal expression of life. If so it might be better to consider more how the holiness of God is connected to our own expression of life and sexuality then hide this truth away.

Salvation and what you have not been told.

Salvation is not free, at least not how you think.

Salvation is a treasure beyond value found hidden in a field. You can buy the field and have the treasure as your own but the field price will require you to sell everything you have.

Salvation is citizenship in the kingdom of heaven. The abandonment of your citizenship in this earthly kingdom and your living as if to make your life and home here is the price.

You see it in Baptism as well, the first act of faith a new believer is called to. It is a public act of faith to demonstrate your choice to give your all, to embrace the death of your citizenship in this earthly kingdom. You enter into death with Christ Jesus in choosing to die to this life and all it has to offer so that you may have the other. This is how you get saved, how you become a Christian.

The treasure of the salvation of God comes for free hidden in that new life for you to discover and its yours the day you choose to give your all to buy it. If you look you will see Jesus repeatedly describing the price. It is a price that everyone can afford to pay but few are willing to part with. Only those who really believe in the promise of God through Jesus Christ choose to sell their old life to buy the new one.

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field” (Mt. 13:44).

We all understand how salvation works because how it works exists all around us. God gave us the context of creation so we would be able to understand Him. Jesus gave us this simple story about how you get your salvation, your citizenship in heaven.

Whats Next? Have you been told that the Holy Spirit is called the Sperm of God and that Salvation is getting spiritually pregnant? .