Out Forgiving God

Can you bless who God has not blessed?

Can you forgive who God has not forgiven?

Do you really need to forgive everyone everything for your own benefit?

There is a self centered false teaching out there that says just that. It is very destructive doctrine that has hurt a great many people.

It is easily addressed with a few simple questions:

Does God forgive everyone?
Should we forgive like God does?
Should we try to out forgive God?

The bible has all the examples for forgiveness:

If your brother repents.

If you brother repents yet again.

If repentance is from the heart and not just words.

If action in keeping with repentance follow it was genuine.

If they do not know what they are doing no repentance is required.

If not one of the above, you should retain the sins of others so heaven may retain them and come against them.

Proper responses when retaining the sins of others:

Are you confessing your own sins to one another?

Are you doing good to unrepentant sinners?

Are you praying for God to grant them repentance?

Are you going to confronting them in their sins privately?

Are you going to confronting them in their sins as a group?

Are you ready to break fellowship with the unrepentant?

Do you care enough about their souls to turn them over to Satan?

All the above is spiritual warfare for the purpose of making peace and restoration of the sinner with God. First in their own life, then it flows from there to: family, church, and society.

To forgive is to set free, to be at peace with, to welcome someone for their sake at your expense. Letting go of any debt they may owe you because of past wrongs.

It is never self serving, it is sacrificial.

If you don’t want to forgive and do not want repentance and change for them and are unwilling to even consider restoration even when their lives have truly changed. That is where the verse “forgive us our trespass as we have forgiven those who trespass against us” come into play.

If God forgives us when we repent we too must also forgive others when they repent. If Christ forgave us our sins in ignorance we too must do likewise. But the willful sinner, the one working for the enemy as his servant, seeking to destroy your life. Those who live in that state God would not forgive, so why would you?

This doctrine of false forgiveness has left Gods people unequipped to deal with the enemy.

If you are busy forgiving evil you are not fighting against it you are welcoming it.

welcoming it into you life, family, church and society.

The purpose of life, marriage and family in Gods kingdom.

For Christians life is not just for living as you please. The life of Jesus is the example of how to live before God in total faith and submission, entrusting your lives and souls to God. We all learn as did Jesus obedience through suffering. Some are even considered worthy to fill up what was lacking in the sufferings of Christ. As Christians we are given all we need to live that life, all we need for godliness. But this direct spiritual relationship with an invisible God is hard to see. Enter the Christian marriage. One of the most powerful visible testimonies of how man is to relate to God though Christ Jesus. As Christ submitted to Gods authority in all things and embraced the loving sacrifice on behalf of us in order to present us clean perfect and spotless so too men who would be husbands must submit to God in doing this very same thing for their wives. Just as Gods love requires faith to receive it and become pleasing in his sight so to do wifes require faith to submit to the husband as unto Christ and allow the will and plan of God to unfold in their lives. They live as examples and as a testimony of how we are to relate to be pleasing to and be blessed by Christ Jesus. The to must mutually submit to God in living out this Gospel testimony before the world that we call marriage if they wish it to be blessed. The husband as Christ living out sacrificial love in holiness before God. The wife as the church living out the submission of faith in that love. These things are built into our very nature even the ungodly know it and despise it in many cases. But the marriage is the foundation of the relationship between Christ and the Church built into creation itself.

In the same way the family is the example and testimony of the greater family of God. The example of how God relate to his children, loves them, discipline them, encourages them to grow, trains them up and readies them. The example of how the spirit comforts and helps explain Gods will and ways to all his children. The testimony of the family is the living example of the Church. God is not some abstract being defined by some man made doctrines that no one can relate to. God made it clear that His nature is that of a good father and He built that into His creation and that is why we have fathers. He relates to his children as family seeking for them to them grow up into the fullness of their potential godliness. Their is rank in the house based on maturity. Their is the first born who is over all the other children. They all are of the same holy seed of the father all are what he is and all bear in themselves his nature.

How a family functions is how a church should function and is the missing part of how you see church functioning in the new testament that is largely missing today. Not that hey had it right in the beginning, be we are closer to the end. Perhaps God can have at least one right clean ready example of a man, of a marriage, of a family of a church. Yes Family by its nature can be noisy and a bit messy when everyone is given the opportunity and expectation to contribute to one another using their gifts. Fathers usually do the heavy lifting, lead the family into things it needs to grow and watch for trouble and deal with it when it shows up. The motherly spirit if given room to do so, sees to it that everything flows as it should and each one has what they need when it is needed so they can play their part in the family. Structure is created to invite the children to participate in being a family and mature in the process while trying to minimize chaos and conflict. Eventually the kids mature enough to run much of the show and the fathers can sit back and focus on greater things and simply keep a watchful eye out for the enemy to show up.

I desire a relationship with God that is the testimony of my life. I desire a marriage not for the purpose of being married like everyone else but as a living Gospel testimony like a city on a hill. Two people commuted to doing it Gods way or not at all. Leaving the outcome and the blessing in his hands, fearful to lay a faithless hand on a holy thing. I desire a family as an example of how the church should function focused on the least first and on building up. Where the slightly more mature child is the example to his younger sibling and each one can give what they have received. Where a father can watch one of his little one tear down the vain plans of the enemy and put him to open shame.

I desire a family of God in fellowship with other families of God, extending outward and touching lives as it goes. A healthy living example of how it should be, of how it could be, if only we let go of ourselves and surrendered to Gods ways until blessing came from His hand alone.

I don’t know if there are others out there with this vision and desire growing in side of them. But if it is in you I would like to know you. I would like to see what God would do with such people, Because I do believe He deserves at least one example of how it could be. I know sin gets in the way especially if you have been lied to that you will never overcome sin in this life. But there are those of us who are mature enough to live and die by His will in order to see Him have at least one example for Himself. One example to show to the world.

I came to a place where my focus became how a wife could be pleasing in my sight and out of that I was turned to how can I be that way to God and make him feel what I would feel with a woman that my heart could trust in. Its about her faith in me being reliable even when life gets stormy It is about how she looks at me knowing my love is behind everything even when I am angry. It is her faith in God and in Christ at work in me and in my love for her that lets my heart trust her with everything without fear she would loose sight of my love. I want to make God feel that way about me. This is what came out of all of that desire to be pleasing. That He deserves at least one man, One marriage, One family, One Church and I want that to start with me. I want to see the years the locust have eaten restored and more.

Not sure if there is a lot of time left to live this out before He returns. But why else would you get married and raise up a family in days like these if not to light up the world in its darkest hours.

But who am I? Just a nobody with nothing in the hand of God seeking to live the life of Christ Jesus.

“For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory for ever and ever”

Fearful expectation of judgment

Some bible verses can be very scary if you do not understand. Our faith in Gods love poured out at the cross helps us to see past those fears so we can look and understand how this can be the way of the God who is love?

“If we deliberately go on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no further sacrifice for sins remains, but only a fearful expectation of judgment and of raging fire that will consume all adversaries.” – Heb 10:26-27

Have you ever “deliberately sinned?”

Do you know the truth?

Will you faced with no hope, only the fearful expectation of Judgement?

If you dont understand Hebrews 10:26 you may be thinking just that. Yes we should have a healthy fear of God but it should be a fear based on the tuth of who he is and who we are in relation to Him. Lets start with this verse. All who have there hope in Him purify themselves just as he is pure. – 1 John 3:3 Let me make this clear, If you are perusing this purification in hope you are not in the willful pursuit of sin! Also please note a transliteration of Heb 10:26 would read “willingly for sin”.

What is sin? Broken cisterns is what we usually associate with sin. The outward things our faithless sin leads us to, in order to find sastisfaction outside of God and his ways. But sin is always in the why! The motives that bring us to these broken places looking for water to sastisfy our thirst. The outward things may remain the same while the reason we find ourselves going there may change.

We also need to understand this verse based on the fact that God gave us the foundations of repentance to go to when we sin. Even if we are to mature and cease returning to those foundations, eventually stop starting over they are still there for us. Mercies new ever morning because of the cross of Christ and the faithfulness of God. All sin is a faithless heart motive joined to our will and is acting against God. We who are born again are like Lazarus in his grave clothes. Alive but wrapped in the trapings of our former death. This willfully being for sin is talking about putting those grave clothes back on and returning to death once we have been made alive and set free from our sins.

There is another comparable verse. Heb 6:3-5 Which makes it clear what the knowledge of the truth actually is and what is meant by willful sin. in Heb 10 the call is to hold tightly to your hope. the same hope by which you have taken up your purification. Heb 6 the statement is to those who have fallen away from faith. What disqualifies Satan from the foundations of repentance? He knew God and was a partaker of the power of God. He knew better. What truth of who God is in relations to him would set him free? Man on the other hand qualifies for repentance in his ignorance of the truth of God and his power.

IMO the reason why we seldom see the power of God operating in the life of believers is because their still remains something in their hearts that could result in them finding themselves in this Heb 6 situation. A loving God is not about to give a loaded spiritual gun to a spiritual infant who has yet to learn to stand let let alone stop needing to wear spiritual diapers because they have not learned how to keep their own body and deal with sin.

Still bessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. But the purpose of the gosple is the rich fullness of salvation. It is there for all who ask, seek, knock and choose to take the promise land by force. That promised land is the fullness of the stature of Christ in you and dare i say even being filled up to the fullness of God. Either the kingdom of God in you is suffering violence as you surrender yourself to sin or is acting forcefully violently against sin in your life and taking over your personal promised land ridding it of all faithlessness which is sin. If ti was simply a matter of cutting off your hand or plucking out your eye it would be easy. But with that same level of violence and force we must persue excising sin from the heart. The working out of our salvation with fear and trembling to be sure our deciptful hearts do not leave us saying Lord Lord and hearing depart from me I never knew you because of our pratce of sin has hardened us to the reality of who we really belong to.