A Fathers Cry!

Daughter oh daughter walk in the God bless-ed way.

Where faith holds tight and darkness rues the day.

Sing the praises of his love for each and all to hear.

For only faith may know love let me make that much clear.

Your faith is what makes you beautiful in his eyes.

Its submission to his love is what makes you his bride.

Their is a curse against these things that you must fight.

By it you will reason that something else is right.

But truth is a spirit and we experience its light.

In it you can see him in the dark of your night.

In spirit you know him, without confusing whats right.

Let the faith in your eyes call your warrior to the fight.

Be Angry…

Did you know the bible contains the command Be Angry? – Eph 4:26

The command to Be Angry is given in the context of us you ridding yourselves of the old self, ( the old ways) and putting on the new self, which is the likeness of God.

So how are we to be angry?

The scripture says to be angry without sin.

But who is angry without sin?

Was Jesus angry without sin? Was God angry without sin?

To be angry without sin is to be angry like God is angry and like Jesus our example was angry.

What are we to be angry about?

What is God angry about? What is Jesus angry about?

Different things, just read you bible about it, but basically angry against sin and evil. Especially when sin was standing where it should not be standing and causing others to be kept from coming to God.

Why be angry at all?

What Good and Godly outcome is to be achieved by You and I Being Angry?

The Bible context for the command to be Angry speaks of not letting Satan get a foothold. Not letting Satan have a place to stand.

I believe that means in our personal lives our families our churchs and our society.

OK so perhaps now your angry with some godly reasons and without sin and are feeling like you totally should be angry. Now what?

What do we do with that anger?

The scriptures instruct us to not let the sun go down on our anger.

Well What does that mean?

Well to get to that we need to learn the basics of what God created anger for?

What does it do to us? What does anger do to God, Oh my?

It motivates us to take action against what is wrong.

Just like God anger moves Him to action against sin.

You cant simply put away righteous anger about what is wrong without taking action against it can you? Do we have an example of God getting angry and doing nothing, just swallowing it or trying to let go of it for his own well being? No.

The bible says that if you know what is good to do and do not do it to you it is sin.

Being Angry about sin and not taking the actions against it and doing what you know you should is one way you can let the sun go down on your anger. But it is also why we may find ourselves with Satan standing in or lives where he should not be allowed to remain.

I thought christians should not be angry ever.

I am of the opinion that too many Christians have bought into the lie that we should not be angry, ever.

That there no right anger for us. That we should be at peace even tolerating evil and sin…

The bible teaches in teh very same context to put away all anger. But it uses a diferent word for anger in that case. The context also makes clear we are talking about putting away fleshly and putting on the Godly. So it make total sense that one kind of anger we want to put away and another kind of anger, the kind without sin we are to embrace and let it move us to act against sin and deny Satan a place to stand in our lives.

We are angry as Christians in our Spirit because God would be angry and Jesus would be angry but we try not to be angry and do nothing. As a result we let the sun Go down on our anger without the necessary action needed to deal with the issue.

Too many have bought the lie that Anger, something which God created in us for our good, and Jesus demonstrated for us as a right example, is somehow inherently bad. So we have let Satan not only get foothold but we tolerated him building strongholds in our lives homes churches and society.

It is true that you should not be quick to anger. In fact anger is more of a break glass emergency function to move us to action before its too late.

It is also true the anger of man does not bring about he righteousness of God.

But we are not commanded to Be Angry in the anger of man.

Do you think God is giving us permission to be angry in a wrong way or for selfish reasons? That its ok as long as we suppress and it don’t act on it and put it away before the sun goes down?

I used to believe that when I just believed without getting it from God and His word myself. Some times one wrong thing learned long ago can mess up the course of our lives.

To be angry without sin is to be angry in a right heart. Because sin is all about the heart, that is what God is looking at. I suspect many struggle with the wrong kind of anger, because they have not learned how put away all the wong ways of being angry and put on Gods way to give Anger its rightful place.

Thats my perspective.

Be angry, yet do not sin; on your bed, search your heart and be still. Selah Offer the sacrifices of the righteous and trust in the LORD.

– Psalm 4:4-5

Search your heart, did you do all that was right to do today, then you made your sacrifices of righteousness and can be still, let go of that anger and trust in the lord for the outcome.

Note: You have a God given sphere of authority. Anger and action have a scope. Things we can directly act upon, things we cant. Some things we can do and we should act on. Other things we can NOT change directly. Then prayer by itself becomes our action and we can still let our heart be still having done what was in our power to do.