How the seed of the Gospel becomes a holy Child of God

The word of the Gospel is the seed of life in God.
Once we receive it we become pregnant with hope.
It unites with us and connects us to God through Faith in Christ.
Here we are called to abide in the vine , the umbilical of faith in Christ Jesus.
We are rooted and grounded in Gods love, through the life giving blood of Christ Jesus until the spirit of God in Christ is fully formed in us.

Whatever the Gestation period is spiritually we must abide in him until we are ready.
Then we are born into the light, as the morning star dawns in our hearts.

Through much pain and difficultly this hidden life comes to light.
The word says not to be surprised at the suffering that come upon you at first, its the curse or result of sin. Just as physical childbirth is cursed with pain because of sin, so too is the spiritual childbirth. But then we take our first spiritual breath, the holy kind. We become an active partaker of the life that was being formed in us by faith.
Then it is milk milk and more milk baby. The milk of the word to sustains us and make us grow.

Soon after that Its baby food, the pre-chewed word of God given to you by your spiritual parents who brought you into this life with the gospel, and your shepherd-pastors and teachers.
Lots and lots of poopy diapers later ( new baby believer are messy ) Just ask any experienced parent/shepherd/pastor/teacher you are fat and healthy with the word of God.

Eventually we get our spiritual teeth and learn to chew our own food. ( gets even more messy ) But soon no more relying on pre-chewed food, we are equipped to chew on Gods word ourself now.

We now get our spiritual food direct from the source, rather then with your pastors drool in it. Though they still may take you to different pastures and watch over you as you chew and talk with your mouth full about what you are munching on in gods word to each other. The need to have someone else predigest the word of God for us and spit it out for us to eat is at an end. As is the failings of what we have been taught wrong, continuing to rule our lifes. Because whatever sins and lies that afflicted your pastors and teachers, gets into what they chewed up for us to eat. Each of us will have to stand before God on our own. You cant point at your parents/shephard-pastors/teachers and say it was their fault, even if it was.

But before you know it fat happy babies become toddlers and begin taking their first baby steps of faith. Learning to walk in the spirit of self control, through bumps and boo-boos, triumphs and failures. Here Satan spends a lot of time trying to convince us that the only reason we fell down was because we tried to stand up and if we just stopped trying to by like our Father God we would be just fine. But we have faith so we think we can, we think its God but the only way to know for sure is to step up and step out and experience the truth for ourselves. It is a time of testing the spirits and getting to know Gods nature, character and voice personally in our learning what is and what is not Him. We do so by trying to walk it out for ourselves and learn as we stumble towards God how to stand like Jesus.

Soon enough we become stable in our faith and are growing in strength and maturity, taking on the stature of Christ Jesus and learning how to run with it. Too often in haste and a whole new set of problems. As we start to enter spiritual maturity we learn to wait on the Spirits green light and stop at His Red ones. We learn to keep our body in holiness which is how we worship God in spirit and truth. Including the truth of who we are and are not. “Much more then a song because a song in itself is not what you have required” Heart of worship – M.W. Smith
We begin putting away the childish rush into sinful ways and wasteful vain and things that we want and that once entertained us but lacked the substance of the life and love of Christ.

In Maturity we are soon choosing suffering over the passing pleasures of sin because we love Him back, with a love that is being perfected through those same sufferings.
Once having drawn near to God, having cleansed our hands and purified our hearts, now possessing a love ready to suffer we are ready to be placed into service in our fathers house. No longer a child to be cared for but a servant son/daughter to take on the responsibility of care for our younger brothers an sisters and the keeping of our fathers house and defense of kingdom.

Eventually we cease from sin so we might begin to Give God glory with the rest of our life’s
Our focus is turned to training for spiritual war and getting filled up to all the fullness of God for that very purpose
Our will and labors in faith become focused on completing our course and neglecting nothing of the salvation provided to us for our eternal life and our Godliness.

For we seek the approval of our Father and his praise of “well done” over all the world has to offer.

Draw near to God, OK but How?

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

OK but How?

Cleanse your hands, you sinners,are your hands dirty with sinful deeds? (Stop!)

And purify your hearts you double-minded. – is your mind still turning back to what is impure? (Stop!)

Limited success?Grieve, mourn and weep. About it.

Turn you laughter to mourning and your joy to gloom.

Because if you humble yourself in this way before the lord over your sin He will lift you out of it – James 4:8-10

The Underground Church.

It is Interesting how the New Testament Church was a combination of the “Classical” model and the “non standard model” of clandestine operations.

The classical model is built ground up from growth around a common issue and the non standard is managed by trust in individuals who have long standing relationships and similar ideologies rather then a top down government like management structure.

The first is hard to identify and stop and the second is hard to infiltrate.
Of course we are all friends on social media now so it should be easy to do both.

Is everybody ready?

All well equipped for when the doors are chained and your pastors and leaders are simply missing?

You all know what to do, right?