What do you see in the new testament church that you no longer see in the church you know today?

I have long since looked at the biblical account of the Church of God. The things that they did, things that where part of their daily lives, the love for one another, the genuine struggle and fight to keep it pure and on the true path to God and Godliness. You see every day people experiencing God in everyday life. You see the people who had once been despised and outcast from society become part of a family, the family of God and begin to see their lives transformed.

They became a family marked by their love and their sacrifice for one another and by the power of the Spirit of God operating among them. But lets look at what specific things we can identify as, no longer part of what the church is today or no longer the same as it was back then.

What do you see as missing or changed behavior or practices of the church then and now? Lets identify everything we can and what little steps each of us can take in becoming re-builders of the ancient ruins of the new testament church.

Acts 2: 42 They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

I see a lot of teachers but not a lot of people devoting themselves to the teachings of apostles. That’s the pastors job right? Wrong! Even the style of teaching we do see is modeled after the roman style of religion, the style of their Gods. Something corrupted in style, that has an impact. Its no minor thing to adopt the style of the worship of false gods, but it has become so ingrained, that what once was has been totally left in ruins. How to identify what was and rebuild it? How can you rebuild the new testament church model of teaching?

I see some fellowship (friendly association) on Sundays when you are stuck in the same building together but how many of the people are true friends sharing the rest of their lives as you would with someone you where truly friends with? Imagine growing up in a family that did not bother to take their meals together, did not bother to share their day to day lives with each other how empty that would be. Church is the assembly of the family, and what makes someone family is the closeness and the care, and with that goes the prayer. How can you and i help move the church from a non profit organization that meets up on Sunday trying to look their best to a family where all your ugly comes out and still you have a place where you belong at the table? How can you rebuild the fellowship of the family of God’s children?

Draw near to God, OK but How?

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

OK but How?

Cleanse your hands, you sinners,are your hands dirty with sinful deeds? (Stop!)

And purify your hearts you double-minded. – is your mind still turning back to what is impure? (Stop!)

Limited success?Grieve, mourn and weep. About it.

Turn you laughter to mourning and your joy to gloom.

Because if you humble yourself in this way before the lord over your sin He will lift you out of it – James 4:8-10

The Underground Church.

It is Interesting how the New Testament Church was a combination of the “Classical” model and the “non standard model” of clandestine operations.

The classical model is built ground up from growth around a common issue and the non standard is managed by trust in individuals who have long standing relationships and similar ideologies rather then a top down government like management structure.

The first is hard to identify and stop and the second is hard to infiltrate.
Of course we are all friends on social media now so it should be easy to do both.

Is everybody ready?

All well equipped for when the doors are chained and your pastors and leaders are simply missing?

You all know what to do, right?

Three parts sin, three parts salvation

We can see three parts of sin described in the bible:

The past tense of sin – Death the power to enslave and kill body and soul. (the penalty of sin )

The present tense of sin – Iniquity and its unrighteous root in the heart. (the nature of sin)

The future tense of sin – Transgression and it’s corruption of mind and body. (the future consequences of sin, greater and greater corruption)

We also see three parts of salvation:

You are saved – Salvation past tense. The defeat of the power of the law and sin and death by God and his Christ on the cross. Taking away the just sentence of death we all deserve and putting it on Jesus. Taking away the separation from God and making available the eternal spiritual life of God to all those who believe and take this new life by dying their old ones by coming under new spiritual ownership. Compelled by faith in the love of God we have tasted we surrender all.

Some do not even get this far but this is what most of us think about when we say I am saved.

But wait! There’s more…

You are being saved – Salvation present tense. This is where people get confused. It is like being given a sum of money to do business with and putting it to work and making a profit or burying it in the ground and neglecting it. The bible says You work out your salvation with fear and and trembling. Why fear and trembling? Because there is something to be gained and lost in the balance and it has to do with your salvation. What you will become and to what extent you be persevered complete or suffer loss. The good works that we do, are not just outward efforts. They are the stature of Christ has been realized in us that flows out. That wood hay and stubble that gets burned away, it impacts our salvation directly. That is why it says if all your works are burned away you will still be saved though as if through the fire, suffering loss. – 1 Cor 3:14-15 Your works are realizing Christ in You in full, making use of your salvation. You have work to do, to be sure you lay hold of what Christ laid hold of your for. That being the life of God and Godliness. The Apostle Peter says that you have been given everything you need regarding this life. Lets be sure to lay hold of the eternal life in full and loose nothing of our salvation to the purifying fire of God. – Mat 25:18

You will be saved – Salvation future tense. The destruction of our corrupted bodies, the destruction of the remainder of the wood hay and stubble that still remains from our old nature, that we failed to replace with the fullness of Christ. Did we simply neglected it or did we not want to pay the price and suffer the cost to get there or did we let ourselves be deceived by those who fear touching godliness more then touching sin? When the day comes we will be holy if not by the water of the Spirit now then by the fires of Gods presence burning away all that remains unsaved in us. When all is done What will be left after the fires of purification will be what we become in heaven, the spirit of us made holy by God. Then we will receive a new spiritual body that goes to fit. – 1 Thes 5:23

Why wasent I told?

Because so many are deceived and fearful that if you do anything with the salvation Jesus gave you would you some how be earning it.

They can not separate working for it to pay for it with the quality of your own efforts, from celebrating in it and making full use of ever last bit, in order to neglect nothing that was provided.

It is like going to a wedding feast and being sad and only drinking one tiny sip of wine to wash down a little crumb of cracker. When the feast is the most expensive feast ever known, the very life of God and godliness laid before you to eat your full in celebration of the victory of Christ Jesus!

it is hard to comprehend the full extent of the salvation plan of God, harder still to believe it so you can have it all. Many will be content to go into the presence of God poor in spirit, still theirs is the kingdom of God so they are blessed. But much much more is their for you if you want to celebrate in it all.

The four stages in the life of a believer

Romans 8:30

The recognition and distribution of Gods love – Called

Called – The discovery of God’s love and the sharing of it. The calling of many. Work of the Gospel message. Planting of the seeds of salvation.

The Fear of God is the love of God – Justified

justified – Growing in love. Becoming rooted and grounded in God’s love, receiving Gods love by Faith into every aspect of your soul. Struggling under the fears of Gods judgment and the loss of His nearness because you love Him.

The hatred of Sin is the love of God – Sanctified

Sanctified – Loving God Back, The work of becoming pleasing in Gods site. Possible because of the freedom to mess up in doing so and the faith in his loving-kindness in keeping and directing you as you move in faith against what God hates. You being rooted fully in his love for you enables this work of salvation in you unto the ceasing from sin through the willingness to suffer in loving God Back.

First called to the reality of his love with joy, then the depths of his love into our sinful hearts in the fear of God because we love him and don’t want to let go of that love. Then His sanctifying truth into our minds in the readiness to suffer lay hold of the righteousness in Christ Jesus because we Hate the sin we once loved (AKA Choose to love Him back) by beginning to live the rest of our lives perusing of the Glory of God as a sanctified believer.

The outward expression of the inward presence of God – glorified

glorified – Here work out your salvation with fear and trembling takes on a new understanding when you consider glorification in this life. As Jesus was glorified as a man in this life we too are working out the Salvation of God within us to that end.

But such is the seldom seen and only occasionally heard of work of Glorification. The presence of God radiating off of us. You may have heard stories of holy men of God showing up and people just starting to weep. One I know is of a man of God intending to go and minister at another town and the glory of the Lord went before him and the whole town started showing up in the middle of the night at the police station confessing what they had done. The police diffident know what to do but heard of Him so went to the next town in the middle of the night to get the man. You may know it slightly through someone who you know that brings the presence of God with them when they show up. You see it worked out in the man Jesus fully in his transfiguration. Radiance stuff, power stuff things the bible holds out for us who believe but we can barely conceive of the faith to lay hold of it.

Without the recognition of Gods love there is no reason to Fear loosing it.

Without the receiving of Gods love by faith there is no reason to Hate sin and suffer against it.

Without the end of sin in ones life there is no beginning to the living the rest of it for His expressed Glory.

The Hidden Book

I was in a dream and I head a voice say to me.

“There is a hidden book and when you read it…”

Just then my brother Chris calls and wakes me up.

He was talking about our study of the books of Peter.

He said that he realized that Peter was saying the scriptures are not about personal interpretation and how that related to Peters not being alone in his experience of Christ on the Mountain where He was reveled in Glory to the three apostles. He said Peter was saying that everyone who gets it wrong is doing so by seeing the word of God as relative to their personal interpretation, relative to what they believe, not relative to their experience of Christ Jesus.

At first I thought the dream was interrupted and I may never know what happens to you when you read this book or what the book was or where it was hidden or how to find it.

But then I realized the dream was finished in the real life experience of a brother in Christ or you could say of Christ in a brother.

The hidden book is what Christ has written on the hearts of those who believe.

When we begin to read this book we have “Brother Chris calling you at 8am to tell you what he realized about our ongoing study of first and second Peter”. We have fellowship, and connection to God and the experience of God that takes us beyond what we believe, beyond our interpretation of scripture into the hidden book of the lamb. It is what God has written on our hearts and into our lives by the Spirit of Christ Jesus.

I wondered is the lambs book of life more then just a list of names, are the pages our very hearts and minds and lives in Christ Jesus? Your name the chapter of your life in Christ, your heart pressed like a flower into the hidden book Jesus?

There is scripture to support this thinking:

Your lives are a letter written in our hearts – 2 Cor 3:2

You show that you are a letter from Christ – 2 Cor 3:3

Law written in their hearts – Ro 2:15

How does one go about reading this hidden book? How do we read what God has written on hearts with his finger? I believe that is what I have begun to enter into with my brother. Being built up together. We read the word of God and we share what has stood out to us, what we think and why. Then we ask our questions of the word and of our assumptions and preconceived conclusions. Our Goal is not to understand our own thinking Our goal is to enter into the perspective of others in order to grow in Christ. It requires a humility of heart and mind, to not come to convince anyone of anything but to understand and be understood, to know and be known. We are his workmanship in Christ Jesus the experience of God in Christ in one another is our being built up together. Moving beyond what we think, beyond our interpretation of scripture into the reality of fellowship with God through one another.

This is the living word, which existed before the Gospels where written and the letters to the Churches where put to ink and page.

A path to spiritual life


Matthew 5:3-12

A path to spiritual life.

Embracing Your Poverty

You are not enough, you never will be. Broken things don’t have what it takes to fix themselves. Other broken people and things can not help you. What you can do or what you can buy or steal is worthless when it comes to the poverty of your soul. All you can do i know its depths. There you can find the truth of yourself and of God.

3“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Embracing Your Deadness

Spiritually dead and with good reason to mourn. Dead in your trespasses and sins. For the person that you wanted to be is dead because of the sin that rules your heart. The Good that you want to do, you can not and the evil that you do not want to do, you do that. It is in mourning your spiritual dead state that you find comfort from God.

4Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

Embracing Your Pride

We who think we are something, feel free to judge. We measure the value and worth of others. But the meek are those who judge themselves. They are nobodies, deserving of nothing but judgment and are desperately seeking mercy. It is in becoming the least and the last that we are able to inherit from God

5 Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.

Embracing Your Dependence

Like an infant crying out to have your needs met. We are totally dependent on God to give to us. There is only one reason we lack righteousness, we don’t hunger for it and cry out to to God to be filled. Depending on ourselves will leave us filled with ourselves and still empty weak and dying in our spirit.

6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

Embracing Your Injustice

Who owes you? Who has wronged you? If the blood of Jesus has paid for you and you have found mercy what will happen if you judge yourself worthy to withhold it from another who genuinely repents? It would be an injustice against the justice of the cross of Jesus to show no mercy after you have received yours beyond measure? There will be no mercy in the end for you unless you learn the lesson of mercy.

7 Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.

Embracing your true heart

Straight up, the heart of man is deceitfully wicked above all else who can know it? Nothing is more deceptive, nothing more wicked. Look out! Because it is a self deception. To be pure of heart is to be true / genuine the same on the outside as in your own thoughts. To embrace this way of life is to be willing to be seen for the ugly and cowardly realities on the inside. But this is how one gets spiritual eyes to see. To see God and to see yourself and to see others. We confess our hearts and hide nothing. We must trust in God and his ways for our protection and not deceive ourselves that we are something we are not.

8 Blessed are the pure/true in heart, for they will see God.

Embracing your actions

Sometime you can make peace and avoid war. Other times you make war to destroy evil in order to restore peace. What ever you do you must consider why you do it and what is the outcome of your efforts. Are you making peace with evil? Are you making war against the righteous to show yourself right? If you are of the children of God you will seek peace between God and man above your own peace.

9 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

Embracing agreement with God

In agreeing with God in our hearts who we are who man is and the one and only way God made to save us you become right. Righteous in your nature and in doing so become a target, a stand out in a world of darkness. But being in such a great place it is pointed out that your reward is the exact same reward as the one poor in Spirit. You are nothing but what you have chosen and what God has given.

10 Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Embracing the suffering of Jesus

Time to grow up, you are here for a purpose. You have work to do that God has planed for you. You my friend get to share in the sufferings of Jesus. This life has two kinds of suffering in it, the kind for doing what is wrong and the kind for doing what is right. Time to choose your kind of suffering. If you will suffer because of Jesus and the testimony and Gospel of salvation or suffer because of the results of your sin. I am not saying there is no joy. There is joy in doing what it right, it just comes after in brings about light, freedom and life. But there are always birth pains, and nothing good, nothing of lasting value is without struggle.

11 Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. 12 Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

We must shine!

So many reject the power of Godliness.

So many are told the lie of Satan that when you die you will finally cease from your sin.

The truth is, when we cease from our sin, only then do we begin to live the rest of our our lives for the Glory of God. – 1 Peter 4:1-2 Ceasing from sin is inseparable from believing in Christ Jesus. – 1 John 3:3 Because within our belief is our (completion, perfection, maturity) however you call it it is all the same thing.

We believe for the fullness of a Salvation that has yet to be realized. We believe for the fullness of Christ in us. – Ephesians 4:13-15

Christ in us is our only hope of Glory.

When we believe, He helps us with our unbelief. – Mark 29:24 Let us call on the light of God to shine in our hearts and expose the motives of sin hiding in our shadows.

Why do we need fear, why trembling when working out your salvation.  Why does the bible speak “Woe” for those at ease in Zion?

How much of what you think is “Christ in You”  when tested will turn out to be wood and stubble for the fire?

How much of who you might have become will be lost?

How much Salvation will you loose?  That’s right you can suffer loss in regards to your salvation. – 1 Cor 3:15

What will survive as you pass through the fires of God presence into heaven?

There is much work to be done, much to be gained and much to be lost in regards to your salvation.

Each of us is given work to do by God and that work is Christ in us then through us.

When the morning star dawns in our hearts, when Christ is fully formed in us, we will shine.

Let us lay hold of that very thing that Christ laid hold of us for! – Philippians 3:121 Timothy 6:19

The Sperm of God

I bet most of you did not know that the when the bible talks about the “Holy Spirit” the actual words or term in the original language is the Sperm of God.

Why hide it? What confusion has resulted from doing so? Perhaps some might understand the Holy Spirit better. The essence of God, God’s DNA if you like, his nature alive with a life of its own. With the function of union and creating a new spiritual life and imparting all that God is. Perhaps that is why they hide it, because that truth is just too much to accept or consider with regards to others human beings.

But without being real about the sperm of God is is hard to understand who the Holy Spirit is and how the life of Gods Spirit unites himself to our spirit and becomes a new life. Its how we become Gods children, the spiritual represented in the physical.

God has made himself known through what was created. The bible only teaches us about God within that context. When we separate the word of God from the context of creation for whatever reason we get further away from reality and end up with hard to understand man made doctrines that leave people confused and separated from knowing in their hearts what is true.

The bibles teachings are more then sufficient! God is a father, who had a first born son conceived by the holy spirit. The same holy spirit making you pregnant with who God is. That is just part of life that everyone understands correctly. Why hide it?

Perhaps it is the whole communication thing. Human sperm has a life in itself and communicates via DNA and the things that affect its expression. But in the Spiritual the building blocks are life and its power expressed through words. Do they think it an insult, derogatory to associate the Holy Spirit with that very real and personal expression of life. If so it might be better to consider more how the holiness of God is connected to our own expression of life and sexuality then hide this truth away.

How can you go from no faith to faith?

The truth is everyone has faith. God has given you faith, everyone gets some. I find it interesting that something within us that can not be see can require our obedience, can grow, and can be shared. That invisible something called faith is directly connected to our ability to receive love as love. It is no wonder that faith is required to connect to the God who is love.

So if you want to find faith…

One thing to do is grow the little bit you have by using it towards God. You might have to look around inside to find some and it may be so ridiculously small a thing it requires of you. But obey it and keep obeying it so it can grow. The bible says “taste and see, God is good” anyone can ask for a taste of Gods goodness.

Another thing would be to get around people who live lives of faith. Living as if God loves them. Pursuing things that are beyond them. They are always giving it away for free. Keep company with them and just watch and listen.

Lastly, make a gap and invite God into it. Take what is important out of your life for a time and give the space it once held to God. Put everything away and wait to see what God might do. There is no better place to find faith then directly from the source.

When we use the little bit of faith we have God is always gracious to help us with the lack of faith we struggle against. As the man once said to Jesus “help my unbelief”

Salvation and what you have not been told.

Salvation is not free, at least not how you think.

Salvation is a treasure beyond value found hidden in a field. You can buy the field and have the treasure as your own but the field price will require you to sell everything you have.

Salvation is citizenship in the kingdom of heaven. The abandonment of your citizenship in this earthly kingdom and your living as if to make your life and home here is the price.

You see it in Baptism as well, the first act of faith a new believer is called to. It is a public act of faith to demonstrate your choice to give your all, to embrace the death of your citizenship in this earthly kingdom. You enter into death with Christ Jesus in choosing to die to this life and all it has to offer so that you may have the other. This is how you get saved, how you become a Christian.

The treasure of the salvation of God comes for free hidden in that new life for you to discover and its yours the day you choose to give your all to buy it. If you look you will see Jesus repeatedly describing the price. It is a price that everyone can afford to pay but few are willing to part with. Only those who really believe in the promise of God through Jesus Christ choose to sell their old life to buy the new one.

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field” (Mt. 13:44).

We all understand how salvation works because how it works exists all around us. God gave us the context of creation so we would be able to understand Him. Jesus gave us this simple story about how you get your salvation, your citizenship in heaven.

Whats Next? Have you been told that the Holy Spirit is called the Sperm of God and that Salvation is getting spiritually pregnant? .